Aliza Stewart, Educational Director

Aliza Stewart is an internationally respected Trainer in the Feldenkrais Method®. She has been a Feldenkrais® practitioner for 30 years. She is currently training teachers at the Feldenkrais Institute of New York, the Feldenkrais Training in Baltimore and at trainings in Europe, Israel and Brazil. Aliza has presented classes, workshops and presentations for many institutions and organizations, among them:


• T. Rowe Price

•  Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

• The Maryland Medical and Chirurgical Society

• The University of Wisconsin at Madison

•  The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Maryland

•  George Mason University

•  Carroll County General Hospital

•  Delray School for Kids with Cerebral Palsy

•  University of Maryland Medical School

Originally trained as a concert pianist, Ms. Stewart has a great affinity for the needs and problems of performers. She specializes in helping musicians achieve their personal and musical goals. In addition to aiding them in recovery from playing related injuries, Aliza helps musicians to improve their overall sound and technique and to express more naturally their musical and aesthetic concepts in performance. 

Ms. Stewart has taught classes, graduate credit courses and workshops at:

• The Peabody Conservatory of Music

• The Mannes College of Music 

• The Yellow Barn Music School and Festival

• The Marlboro Music School and Festival

• The Juilliard School

• Manhattan School of Music

• The Carnegie Hall Youth Orchestra

• The music department of Vienna University in Austria

• The music department of the University of Wisconsin at Madison

• El Systema music education program in Venezuela

Ms. Stewart is the Director of the Baltimore Feldenkrais Center where she applies the Method to working with children with various challenges, often in conjunction with physicians, physical therapists and mental health professionals. She also works in New York City where she has an extensive practice for musicians.

Experiences with Aliza

"As her former teacher and current colleague, I have witnessed Aliza's dedication to excellence in both her own learning process and that of her students. As a Feldenkrais Trainer, Aliza is committed to the individual development of her students. She is not only well-organized in her presentation of the material but also has the gift of being passionate about what she believes while being open to challenge and change." - Anna Johnson-Chase, Member of FGNA® since 1977
“I have been studying with Aliza Stewart since 1992. She approaches her work with a clarity that is rare to find. Aliza has the ability to be with her students right where they are and then to explore the possibilities for enhancing functional potential. This learning environment that she creates provides a vital key to sustained learning.” - Mary Young, PT, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner
“At the Yellow Barn Music School and Festival Aliza Stewart became something of a phenomenon. Her deep knowledge of the Feldenkrais Method and her remarkable instincts for reading a musician’s physical tendencies made her constantly in demand. A musician in her own right, she is not only a practitioner capable of preventing and healing pain, but a partner in a search for greater freedom in how one makes music.”  - Seth Knopp, The Peabody Trio Director, Yellow Barn Music Festival
“I have been profoundly affected by the expert guidance of Aliza Stewart. She is invested in the personal experience and awareness of each individual in a lesson. I am so inspired by this work and Aliza’s expertise that I have begun my training to become a practitioner.” - Liese Weber-Frutchey, Feldenkrais professional training student, dancer, teacher, choreographer
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"Aliza has an uncanny gift for truly seeing people and understanding their questions. This gift makes her a truly amazing teacher and guide in people’s quest to fully realize themselves using the Feldenkrais Method® as a means for self learning and growth." - Paris Kern, Guild Certified Assistant Trainer
"Aliza's intelligence and commitment make her a real master of the Feldenkrais Method. As a classical musician, I suffered chronic pain for several years and Aliza helped eradicate it within months. Aliza Stewart and the Feldenkrais Method changed my life." - Heather Storeng, violist
“Aliza was the continuity assistant trainer in my training and her guidance was invaluable. After graduating, I participated, and still do, in a study group led by her. Her willingness to share both her superior knowledge and her uncertainties, and to treat us as equals in a shared quest, has boosted my confidence and allowed me to grow as a practitioner." - Heidi Menocal, dancer, GCFP
“It was invaluable for me to receive an FI® lesson from an excellent teacher like Aliza, and then to immediately practice the movements on her, while receiving her coaching and feedback.... Feelings of confusion and ineffectiveness when doing an FI were gone.... I was beginning to understand the reasons behind the movements.... Aliza helped me to set aside the preconceived ideas I began with, which got in the way of my understanding and effectiveness. My appreciation of the Feldenkrais Method was deepened and broadened by my tutorial with Aliza.” - Jon Levy, Mid Atlantic Training Program student
"I am a violin performance major. About two years ago, I developed pain radiating down both arms. I visited doctors, physical therapists, spinal specialists and message therapists, but the pain worsened. I lost all hope and spiraled into depression. Finally, I tried Feldenkrais with Aliza Stewart. I left my first session feeling 75% better. After 3 months, I became pain-free and started playing the violin again after 2 years. Feldenkrais brought back the joy of playing again." - Charise Zablotsky, violinist

“Since beginning Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration® lessons with Aliza, I am in a place of re-discovery regarding movement. As a career dancer & teacher, I am no longer feeling daily discomfort from the over-use of muscle groups, and I am more efficient with teaching movement. I truly believe that whatever you are pursuing in life, Feldenkrais can help you achieve your goal in a clear & gentle way through internal and external awareness.” - Liese Weber-Frutchey, dancer, teacher, choreographer