The Benefits of taking the Training

The Feldenkrais Method® is a unique combination of strategies for self-development and an approach for helping others. Like any other skill, artistic or therapeutic, Feldenkrais® requires intensive learning and self-study. This is made possible by the immersion involved in participating in a training. The graduates are expected to either integrate the learning into their current professional endeavors or decide to continue their studies in order to become effective teachers of the Method.

The many benefits occur in many areas of life:

• Improved posture and neuromuscular organization

• Increased vitality, regardless of your age or physical ability

• Pain reduction or elimination

• Improved coordination, balance and breathing

• A deep understanding of the interdependence of movement habits and emotional difficulties


• Strategies for finding individual solutions to difficulties both physical and emotional

• An experiential understanding of the interaction between brain and body

• A sensitive, communicative touch effective for giving Functional Integration® lessons

• Understanding of the structure behind a Feldenkrais lesson and the reasons for the variations included

• The ability to recognize and transform the underlying patterns which cause physical pain, stress and strain

• The development of special skills for working with specific populations – children with special needs, seniors, and high performers


“Dr. Feldenkrais defined health as the ability to realize our avowed and unavowed dreams. Those dreams are unique to each individual, the same way that our personal history is unique. To realize them, we need to think independently, to find the solutions that are unique to us instead of trying to apply ourselves to existing templates for behavior and self-improvement. It is my vision and my experience, that when people engage with the Feldenkrais Method, they arrive at this place of independence. In the process they gain a healthy life, a life that is permeated with awareness and the freedom to realize their intentions.” – Aliza Stewart