Feldenkrais Education of New England, Inc.

The Boston Feldenkrais Training is grateful to be sponsored by Feldenkrais Education of New England, Inc. (FENE), a non-profit, charitable organization.

  Photos from the Amherst Training. © International   Feldenkrais  ® Federation Archive

Photos from the Amherst Training. © International Feldenkrais® Federation Archive

FENE's mission:

  • Increasing public awareness about the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education;
  • Organizing and conducting Feldenkrais Method classes for the public;
  • Organizing and conducting programs to train individuals to become practitioners of the Feldenkrais Method;
  • Developing visions for the future of the Feldenkrais Method and its practice, informed by diverse cultures and ways of thinking;
  • Engaging members of the Feldenkrais Method community in the development of social and scientific thought;
  • Supporting research and development in the Feldenkrais Method;
  • Fostering a culture of continuous learning among Feldenkrais practitioners;
  • Providing low-to-no-cost learning opportunities to a broad spectrum of New England’s diverse populations;
  • Providing scholarships for low-income people wishing to participate in training to become Feldenkrais practitioners;
  • Engaging in any other educational, charitable, and scientific endeavors that regard or inform the Feldenkrais Method.