Feldenkrais Education of New England, Inc.

The Boston Feldenkrais Training is grateful to be sponsored by Feldenkrais Education of New England, Inc. (FENE), a non-profit, charitable organization.

Photos from the Amherst Training. © International  Feldenkrais ® Federation Archive

Photos from the Amherst Training. © International Feldenkrais® Federation Archive

FENE's mission:

  • Increasing public awareness about the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education;

  • Organizing and conducting Feldenkrais Method classes for the public;

  • Organizing and conducting programs to train individuals to become practitioners of the Feldenkrais Method;

  • Developing visions for the future of the Feldenkrais Method and its practice, informed by diverse cultures and ways of thinking;

  • Engaging members of the Feldenkrais Method community in the development of social and scientific thought;

  • Supporting research and development in the Feldenkrais Method;

  • Fostering a culture of continuous learning among Feldenkrais practitioners;

  • Providing low-to-no-cost learning opportunities to a broad spectrum of New England’s diverse populations;

  • Providing scholarships for low-income people wishing to participate in training to become Feldenkrais practitioners;

  • Engaging in any other educational, charitable, and scientific endeavors that regard or inform the Feldenkrais Method.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today to support our mission of improving access to this powerful and transformative work. A $4,500 donation will support a trainee for one year of training, $10,000 will kick-start our outreach program for underserved communities, and $15,000 will seed our program to benefit children.

Checks and stock transfers can be handled through Miriam Schwartz, FENE Vice President, at 333 Great River Rd, Apt 409, Somerville, MA 02145-1222. Please email her for any additional information.