Faculty / Staff


Educational Director, Trainer

Aliza Stewart has been a Feldenkrais® practitioner for 29 years and is a Guild Certified Trainer in the Feldenkrais Method® . For the last 19 years she has been on the teaching staff of numerous Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs around the country and internationally, educating new practitioners in the US, Europe, Israel, and Brazil. She is the Director of the Baltimore Feldenkrais Center, where she applies the Method to working with children with various challenges, people with movement deficits and musicians. She often works in conjunction with physicians, physical therapists, and mental health professionals. Originally trained as a concert pianist, Ms. Stewart has a great affinity for the needs and problems of performers. She specializes in helping musicians achieve their personal and musical goals. Learn more about Aliza, including videos →




Ruty Bar is a Trainer and Educational Director in the Feldenkrais Method teaching courses and workshops all around the world. Ruty graduated from the Rubin Academy of Dance and Music in Jerusalem and then went on to earn a Masters Degree in Movement Therapy from Lesley University in Boston. Her Master’s Thesis was an in-depth study of the mind-body connection, and looked at applying the Feldenkrais Method to treat people with special needs.

As a young woman Ruty received many Functional Integration® lessons from Dr. Feldenkrais, and her encounters with him led her to join the first IFF sponsored training program in Tel-Aviv in 1984.

Ruty is also the Educational Director of the Feldenkrais Training Programs in Tel-Aviv (Israel), Athens (Greece), Florence (Italy) and Kyoto (Japan). Ruty lives with her husband and children in Israel. www.rutybar.com/english




Lawrence W. Goldfarb, Ph.D. (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1995) is a movement scientist, certified Feldenkrais trainer, multimedia author, and trailblazing teacher known for articulating the thinking behind the method. Larry brings a systemic framework to understanding this approach, an uncanny ability to bring the methodology to life, and a practical approach making it's practice a meaningful part of everyday life. 

Besides maintaining the private practice he started over twenty-five years ago in Santa Cruz, California, Larry directs and teaches in professional training programs, public workshops, professional seminars, and post-graduate courses in Europe, Australia, and North America. Larry is also the founder of www.mindinmotion-online.com (MIMO),  an evolving state-of-the-art platform for the future of Feldenkrais. MIMO consists of an online school, a digital publishing house of everything from workshop recordings to apps, a multimedia library, a comprehensive post-graduate program, and a social learning network that support the growing worldwide community of people practicing Moshe's method.




Paris Kern has been a Feldenkrais Practitioner® since 1992. She maintains a private practice and travels to teach in training programs in the United States and Europe. She comes from a professional musical background as a singer and was first introduced to the Feldenkrais Method by Aliza Stewart in 1988.

Paris is highly respected by her colleagues and has taught in Baltimore, New York City, Vienna, Germany, Holland and Sicily. She is known for her the ability to simplify the complex theories and principles of the Feldenkrais Method.

In 1997 she started working with equestrians and teaches workshops in the United States and Europe. Based on these workshops, she created a set of audio CDs for riders, Riding with the Whole Self

Recently, Paris has returned to her music, giving concerts and leading community groups in improvisational choral song. She brings a playful spontaneity to herwork as a Feldenkrais Teacher and through stories and demonstrations, she demystifies challenging concepts and brings a common sense approach to her teaching of the Feldenkrais Method.




Jeremy Krauss was a personal student of and directly trained by Dr. Feldenkrais. He has been studying and teaching the Feldenkrais Method for over 35 years. Jeremy has been a Feldenkrais Educational Director for 19 years and has directed 22 professional training programs in the Feldenkrais Method in Europe, USA, Japan and Israel. Jeremy also teaches Advanced Trainings as well as Master Classes. Jeremy's knowledge of the classical Feldenkrais material is unsurpassed. He was chosen by the International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF) to translate archival material of Dr. Feldenkrais. 

Jeremy is an excellent teacher. As a teacher he is known for both his clarity and creativity in presenting practical and theoretical aspects and in developing new and unique materials in the method. Jeremy's specialty is his extraordinary ability in working with Special Needs Children with developmental challenges and disorders. He has developed his own unique approach to working with Special Needs Children based on the Feldenkrais Method - the Jeremy Krauss Approach to Special Needs Children and child development. Watch a video of Jeremy here.

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Mary Spire


Mary Spire is an experienced teacher and trainer of the Feldenkrais Method. A Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, she has been actively teaching since graduating in 1987 from the Feldenkrais Foundation Training and, for the last 14 years, has served as a trainer in Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs worldwide. She is well-known for her work with children with special needs, with performing artists, and with those with neurological conditions. 

Mary holds a Master’s Degree in Piano Performance from the University of Southern California and performed for many years. As a musician, she brings to her practice first-hand knowledge of the challenges and difficulties that performers face. She has taught Feldenkrais to musicians at the San Francisco Opera Orchestra, U.C. Berkeley, U.C. San Francisco, Boston University, McGill University, State University of New York, and the Tanglewood Music Center. Mary also taught the Feldenkrais Method® at the San Francisco Symphony’s successful Prevention & Wellness Program for 18 years. She has presented and taught aspects of the Method in hospitals and to hospital staff, including those of the Physical Therapy Department at UCSF School of Medicine. She brings extensive experience as an artist and musician to her work as a Feldenkrais teacher and trainer. Mary is the Educational Director for the Optimal Moves, LLC Feldenkrais Teacher Training in San Rafael, CA. www.optimalmoves.com


David Zemach-BersIn


David Zemach-Bersin is one of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais' original students and studied closely with Feldenkrais from 1973-1984 in the U.S., Europe and at the Feldenkrais Institute in Israel. He is one of the world's foremost Feldenkrais Teachers and Trainers, widely recognized for his clarity and generosity, and is the long time Program Director of the New York and Washington/Baltimore Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs. David is the Co-Founder of The Feldenkrais Institute of New York and Feldenkrais Resources, the primary publisher of Dr. Feldenkrais’ English language materials. For over 25 years, he has maintained an ongoing private practice, working with a diverse population, including those with severe limitations, neurological problems, infants, world-class musicians and those in chronic pain. David is an Honors graduate of the University of California Berkeley and is the Co-Author of Relaxercise (HarperCollins), a popular introduction to the Feldenkrais Method, and numerous Feldenkrais audio-tape programs. He has served as President of The Feldenkrais Guild. He has taught courses for physical and occupational therapists throughout the United States, and has been involved in the development of clinical and workplace applications of the Feldenkrais Method. David lives with his wife Kaethe, a writer and illustrator, and their children in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. www.davidzemach-bersin.com


Arlyn Zones


Arlyn Zones, MA (Theatre Arts) began studying the Feldenkrais Method in 1977 and graduated from Dr. Feldenkrais’ Amherst Training Program in 1983.  She has maintained an active private practice since then working with infants, children and adults.  She has also taught in schools, clinics, hospitals and conducted seminars and workshops for both the general public as well as pediatric OTs and PTs.

Arlyn became an Assistant Trainer in 1988 and a Trainer in 1994 and has since taught in over 80 Practitioner Trainings and has also conducted numerous Advanced Trainings throughout the world. She has taught in North and South America, extensively in Australia and in the U.S.  She has served as Educational Director for trainings in Holland, Canada and California. 

Recently she has initiated a special project on combining the Feldenkrais Method with vocal training for actors and the public. www.arlynzones.com


Tiffany Sankary

Continuity Assistant Trainer, Media Director

Tiffany's background as a visual artist informs her approach to the Feldenkrais Method. Curiosity, exploration and creativity are at the core of her practice. The integration of the changes she personally experienced from the Feldenkrais Method led her to dance, yoga and Authentic Movement. Since graduating from her Feldenkrais Training, Tiffany has completed extensive hours in Feldenkrais Training programs, Feldenkrais advanced trainings, and Authentic Movement/ Contemplative Dance programs. Tiffany has taught classes and workshops in a wide range of venues including: MIT, Berklee College of Music, Lesley University Holistic Psychology Department, Cambridge Health Alliance, Tufts Eliot Pearson Department of Child Development, Watertown Center for Healing Arts, and Berkeley Adult School. Her first book Feldenkrais Illustrated: The Art of Learning was published by Movement and Creativity Press, 2014. She lives in Somerville, MA with her Feldenkrais practitioner husband Matty Wilkinson and their two children. www.tiffanysankary.com


Josh Schreiber Shalem

Adjunct Audio Video Director

Josh is a musician and Feldenkrais teacher based in the greater Boston area. Having grown up as a cellist, he was forced to stop playing in the mid-nineties by chronic hand pain. After many years studying Alexander Technique, Tai Chi and the Feldenkrais Method®, he was able to recover sufficiently to complete a Masters of Music at the Longy School of Music, and now dedicates himself to helping musicians and anyone else who is interested in learning, to move more freely and effectively, to overcome and avoid injury, and to discover and express their most authentic selves. www.discover-yourself.com 

As a Jewish educator and lay cantor Josh also combines deep mind-body awareness with the musical, spiritual and intellectual traditions of Jewish prayer, to create an experience he calls “Embodied Judaism.”

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Misha Forrester

FENE Volunteer Administrator

Misha Forrester has been involved in the Feldenkrais Method® for almost three decades. After a serious automobile crash that left her with 17 broken ribs and six months of staring at a ceiling, she became attracted to the Feldenkrais Method because of its attention to gentle nuances that allow for increases in movement and joint fluidity without pain, and the reflective capacity for self-regulation in movement. She began originally as a transcriber for advanced Feldenkrais trainings to include Bones for Life® with Ruthy Alon and then a student following a number of practitioners before joining a training. Now fully capable of somersaults, headstands, and a few cartwheels, she has a private Feldenkrais practice in Western Massachusetts after many years as the Feldenkrais practitioner at the Kushi Institute Center for Natural Healing working with a variety of international guests, many with serious digestive issues and advanced cancer. Misha is a Director on the Board of Feldenkrais® Education of New England, Inc, the sponsoring organization for the Boston Feldenkrais Training. Additionally, she is the current New England Regional Representative of Feldenkrais Guild® of North America and FGNA’s Massachusetts Government Regulations.