Cleaning Up Sensory "Noise"

by Aliza Stewart

I have come across a wonderful TEDTalk by Daniel Wolpert, called The Real Reason for Brains.

As I listened to him, it became quite clear to me that he is describing processes for which the Feldenkrais Method offers concrete and clinical applications for everyday life.

I was especially struck by the connection he describes between sensory feedback, movement command from the brain, and action. He explains the inaccuracy of the sensory feedback—the sensory "noise"—as having negative consequences in the resulting action.

I describe this phenomenon as corrupted proprioception, which leads to inaccurate perception of ourselves in movement.

The Feldenkrais Method® works to clean up the sensory noise that arises from faulty habits so that our movements become efficient and healthy.

The value of clarifying perception for alleviating pain, improve performance and dealing with adversity, is tremendous.